Who is Helen Clare, when she’s at home?

(As they say in Lancashire)

Helen Clare
2 min readDec 4, 2020


She’s probably the person who taught you sex education. She’s most likely the teacher you came to when you needed a sanitary towel, or got into trouble, or had an embarrassing question. In fact she’s the teacher who answered those questions even when some of them were illegal in the UK in the 80s.

Now after a perimenopause that lasted over 12 years and made a bit of a mess of her life, she’s the person that’s going to get you through your menopause without all that mess!

She also works with schools to help them raise awareness of peri/menopause, and support their staff going through the menopausal transition.

In true biology teacher style she’s created some resources — an activity to visualise your symptoms, a menopause tracker and a poster, which are available for you to download free, and if you go on her mailing list you’ll get a bi-weekly menopause Top Tip.

She’s set up a Facebook group — the Effing Menopausers: Fun, Frank, Fact-based and Feminist — which you would be most welcome to come and join.

And she’s available to help you through the menopause through individual and group coaching — and you can book a free no-obligation chat here.

Also cats. (You might like to read What Fostering A Feral Cat Taught Me About Fear)

Not a feral cat. With sewing machine. (image by author)

And stitching. You can see some at All My Lost Futures, and below.

And dating. The less said about which the better. Oh go on then….

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Helen Clare

Helping you get to grips with peri/ menopause before it gets a grip of you. https://linktr.ee/Helenclare