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Come and join us!

Perimenopause and menopause can be really tough. Your body suddenly behaves like a stranger. It does unexpected things you can’t understand. But that’s nothing to what’s going on in your brain — which gives you a mood rollercoaster at the same time as denying you sleep, scrambling your memory and breaking your temperature thermostat.

All of this affects your work and your relationships. You need to have conversations about it but how? You need to explain what’s going on without the other person belittling your experience. You need to ask for support without the other person getting defensive.

And then there’s the conversations with your doctor! They can have their own opinions about this stuff — and sometimes they are just that — opinions, even prejudices, rather than fact. They’re not always great at listening. They’re busy. They’re preoccupied.

I’ve found that the best way is to figure out what you want first and then ask for it (treading carefully of course!). But how do you know what you need. How do you make sense of all the options out there? Is HRT all that dangerous? Is it right for you?

What else should you be doing to be mentally and physically healthy in perimenopause? How do you improve your diet and exercise routines when you already feel this bad? How do you get yourself on track for slow and steady improvement without losing hope and motivation?

We help with all this — and we usually have a laugh too. For all perimenopause is tough, there’s no better company than a group of menopausal women. We have your back. We will help you figure this out. We will cheer you on.

You can register here — if this time’s not convenient to you, register anyway and you’ll go on the waiting list, and we’ll try and run a group at a time that’s convenient to you.



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